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James R. Alburger / The Art of Voice Acting 3rd Edition

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James R. Alburger / The Art of Voice Acting 3rd EditionDetails
Year: 2007
Genre: BOT
Tracks: 28
Total time: 72:06
1.Welcome to the Workshop2:03
2.20 Facts About Your Voice6:07
3.Voice Warm-Ups4:42
4.Relaxation and The Cork3:06
5.The 7 Core Elements9:28
6.Shortcuts That Trick Your Brain3:16
7.Character Visualizations8:42
8.Slip and Fall Accidents0:21
9.Come In Today0:10
10.No Fish Today1:02
11.Auction Cities0:30
12.Hallmark Galleries1:00
13.Lloyds Plumbing1:00
14.Coastal Condo Living1:00
15.Grand Prix Car Wash0:30
16.Towne Center Plaza1:00
17.Character Exercises10:13
18.Oasis Mouthwash3:36
19.Power Your Thoughts2:35
21.James Alburger - CMI1:24
22.James Alburger - Medical1:38
23.Penny Abshire1:27
24.Debbie Munro1:09
25.Tom Kelly1:06
26.Jennifer Vaughn1:30
27.Bob Jump0:56
28.Stefan Kinell1:10

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