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Hilliard Ensemble / The Old Hall Manuscript

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Hilliard Ensemble / The Old Hall ManuscriptDetails
Tracks: 25
Total time: 65:03
1.Queldryk - Gloria2:19
2.Anon - Pia Mater4:08
3.Anon - Nesciens Mater0:39
4.Bittering - Nesciens Mater2:27
5.Damett - Beata Dei Genitrix2:24
6.Pycard - Gloria1:59
7.Power - Credo3:07
8.Bittering - En Katerine Solennia3:53
9.Pennard - Credo3:09
10.Pennard - Beata Progenies0:36
11.Power - Beata Progenies1:15
12.Anon - Sanctus2:30
13.Anon - Ave Regina Celorum1:24
14.Cooke - Ave Regina Celorum2:35
15.Power - Sanctus4:49
16.Anon - Agnus Dei2:16
17.Forest - Qualis Est Dilectus3:38
18.Oliver - Agnus Dei4:07
19.Oliver - Alma Redemptoris Mater2:09
20.Forest - Ascendit Christus5:03
21.Anon - Agnus Dei2:19
22.Mayshuet - Are Post Libamina1:38
23.Cooke - Stella Celi1:44
24.Damett - Salve Porta Paradisi1:48
25.Anon - Post Missarum Solnnia2:52

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